About Me

Adam holds a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from the University of Dayton and a doctoral degree in counseling and counselor education from North Carolina State University. Adam specializes in working with young adults and adults through life transitions, depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive concerns, identity development, and existential/spiritual/religious concerns.

For clients struggling with OCD, Adam uses exposure and response prevention, which is the most widely accepted and researched treatment intervention for OCD. For other mental health concerns, Adam draws upon acceptance and commitment therapy to help clients take action toward living a meaningful life. Acceptance and commitment therapy teaches clients to develop a different relationship with their mental health concerns in a way that allows them to commit to living according to their values. He works with clients to clearly define and commit to their values while building mindfulness skills. He believes that a healthy mind is not the absence of distress but the ability to tolerate distress while pursuing a meaningful life.

Adam develops a humanistic, nonjudgmental therapeutic relationship with clients. He also is attentive to respecting, affirming, and honoring people from all walks of life and identities. Adam believes in putting his clients in control of their own values and life path. He welcomes all emotions in therapy and teaches clients to learn how to relate to painful emotions from a position of acceptance and compassion. He loves getting to know his clients and seeing them for more than just their mental health concerns. Adam likes to challenge and support his clients while using a holistic, strength-based approach that empowers his clients.

Outside of his practice, he is an assistant professor at Campbell University, and his research interests include Buddhist psychology and the intersection of faith and multicultural development.

In his free time, Adam enjoys hiking, listening to new music, perfecting his morning ritual (making coffee), trying out new restaurants and breweries, listening to all the This American Life podcast episodes, watching the best picture nominations, and trying to be a better guitar player.

My Specialties

Young Adults & Adults
Life Transitions
Obsessive-Compulsive Concerns
Identity Development
Existential/Spiritual/Religious Concerns

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We are guided by principles of awareness, compassion and change in our clinical and community-based work. We seek to bring awareness to issues such as racial trauma, interpersonal violence, LGBTQ+ affirmative care and women’s health concerns. We offer accessible services and extensive training through our counseling internship program. And we partner with community groups engaged in activism with and for marginalized groups.

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